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Clever Advertising Helps Oregon Tourism Industry Grow to a Record $10.6 billion

If you've watched TV, looked at billboards, or surfed the internet at all in the last three years you've probably come across Travel Oregon's clever tourism campaigns.

The first one, "Seven Wonders of Oregon," highlighted Oregon's spectacular natural beauty in places like Crater Lake and Mount Hood. The second, "We Like It Here," takes a more humble-brag approach, juxtaposing shots of gorgeous scenery with phrases like "It's Just Oregon. No Big Deal."

How has all this helped the tourism economy in Oregon?

Well, according to Jon Bell at the Portland Business Journal, in 2015, tourism spending in Oregon topped $10.6 billion. That's an increase of 4.7 percent over the prior year's $10.3 billion. Go read Bell's analysis to find out why.

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